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Research opportunity with University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab

What has prompted and motivated members of the British public to host Ukrainians fleeing war?

The Rights Lab, at the University of Nottingham are looking for people who have volunteered to host under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme. If this is you, we would like to invite you to take part in our research.

We think what you have offered to do is amazing and would like to learn more about what motivated you to get involved in this scheme. Before you decide if you want to participate, please read more about the project by using the further information link below.

If you are keen to get involved, there are two ways to do this:

Meet with a researcher

You’ll share a conversation about your motivations, experiences, and expectations of hosting.  This would take about an hour of your time and if you would like to talk to someone about your experiences you can complete the contact form below.

Or complete an online survey

This will take about 45-minutes and you can access the survey most appropriate to your situation below.

Further information:

Downloads:  Participant information sheet | Consent form

Hope at Home have received funding from Commonweal Housing to deliver this research project in conjunction with the Rights Lab.