“Before, I can’t do anything. Everything scared me and brought bad memories but now I can deal with this thing and can walk in town and my body doesn’t shake. I’m come a long, long way but your family has helped me to be like this. In all my life, no-one has ever given me what your family has given me. Not even my own family. Everyone from your family gives me love. Every single one. Now I am the person I was always meant to be.”

M, previously hosted with Hope at Home and now living in her own flat and volunteering regularly at the local hospital.

Survivors of human trafficking, whether they have been trafficked into the UK or around the UK, are hidden and current legislation leaves them unsupported and extremely vulnerable.

Becoming a Hope at Home host is incredibly rewarding and enriches family life in so many ways. Whilst we are looking for hosts who are able to provide a spare room and access to kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities, hosting is really about loving, accepting and walking step by step with a person until they are ready to walk alone. We offer training and ongoing support to all our hosts.

We understand that deciding to host someone in your home is an enormous step and you might have lots of questions. Please see our FAQ section for details and sign up to our facebook and twitter pages for up to date news.


If you would like more information or an informal chat with no obligation to become a host, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us on:

Telephone 07877 447341 |  Email: info@hopeathome.org.uk   |