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Our Ethos

Safe homes for

survivors of slavery

Hope at Home is a national charity dedicated to training and supporting volunteers to host survivors of modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Hope at Home was founded on the values and vision of Jesus who went to those who were marginalised and in need to bring comfort and restoration.  We are not a proselytising organisation and our staff and volunteers are from a variety of faith and non-faith backgrounds.  Our common ground is that we all believe that no survivor should be without a place to call home and are committed to demonstrating real compassion to the people and communities we encounter.

We work with survivors regardless of their religious beliefs, immigration status, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, sexual orientation or political opinion.



We strive to be professional, honourable and full of integrity in our work.

Person focused

People are important to us. We will always value the needs of individuals and care for them in a way that seeks to meet those needs.


We will always think the best of others and will be respectful in the way we treat and speak about them, understanding they are valued and bring a unique contribution.


We recognise the benefits of building partnerships with others in order to end human trafficking. Their expertise and input are important to us and we actively seek them out.

Ambitious and Pioneering

We want to see all survivors of Human Trafficking in the UK offered a safe place to live. We are innovative and will create new solutions until we see our aim achieved.