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Homes for Ukraine: learnings to inform and
shape future hosting schemes 2023

Hope at Home, Commonweal and the University of Nottingham's Rights Lab launched this key research piece in March 2023.

"I think just seeing the news, seeing the appalling way in which the Ukrainians were being treated and that war was declared and that they didn’t want that and we just both felt a want to help.” —Host

• New research shows according to hosts that the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme was largely effective for hosts, and has provided key learnings for the hosting sector to build on.

• Report suggests that hosts identified the vast and continuous media coverage of the crisis as influencing them to enroll in the scheme.

• Report identifies that a range of stakeholders are required to enable successful hosting schemes and that hosts, and their support and training play a vital part in this.

Download the report

Download and read the research.

Download the report

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Watch the launch event for further insights.

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