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Hope at Home, a national charity dedicated to providing safe homes for survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking, announces a significant milestone in its history – providing 10,000 nights of safe sleep for survivors.

Hope at Home is a nationwide hosting organisation headquartered in the West Midlands. The charity trains and supports volunteer hosts to provide safe accommodation and support to those who have escaped exploitation. This achievement highlights the huge impact of the charity’s work.

Many survivors of modern slavery face street homelessness after they escape exploitation. With support from the charity and a safe place to live, they are able to begin to rebuild their lives by finding work, volunteering, studying and beginning to heal.

Hope at Home also recently announced their new Wellbeing Package. This offers survivors of slavery free access to mental health support, fitness facilities and therapy sessions to promote their recovery further, which has already made an impact on survivors’ lives. Survivor Maria*, for example, expressed gratitude for the access to free fitness facilities as well as the opportunity to participate in therapy sessions provided by Hope at Home.

“Reaching this milestone of 10,000 safe nights is a testament to the dedication of our team, as well as the generosity of our volunteer hosts,” said Helen Hodgson, Operations Director at Hope at Home. “Every night of safe sleep represents a step towards recovery and independence for survivors of modern slavery, who are facing homelessness at a truly unprecedented rate.”

Hope at Home remains committed to its mission of empowering survivors. The charity’s mission aims to break the cycle of exploitation and promote community in the fight against modern slavery. This milestone serves as a reminder of the progress made and the ongoing need for support.

The charity offers full support to its hosts and also calls for any individual with a spare room to get in touch. Hosting Manager, Sarah Sidwell, said:

“A huge thank you to our wonderful hosts who volunteer to keep survivors safe and to the support workers and agencies who refer and work with our guests during their placements. Special thanks to all of our supporters and our team who work tirelessly to help those most vulnerable. We have so many more referrals we would love to place; please get in touch with us if you have a spare room and would like to host.”

For more information about Hope at Home, including details about their Wellbeing Package and how to become a host, please click here or contact our hosting manager Sarah:

Sarah Sidwell
 – Hosting Manager
Phone: 07877447341