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In a firm commitment to supporting survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking, national hosting scheme and charity Hope at Home is thrilled to introduce their Wellbeing Package, designed to address the multifaceted needs of survivors of modern slavery. This initiative, launched amidst a pressing need for comprehensive survivor support, was designed collaboratively with survivors who are supported by the charity.

Helen Hodgson, Operations Director at Hope at Home, said: โ€œOur mission is to provide, via the network of volunteer hosts we support, safe homes for survivors of slavery facing homelessness and destitution. Throughout our work, it has become clear that, as well as a safe place to stay, survivors of slavery suffer unique disadvantages that we must recognise to help them begin to rebuild their lives. Our new Wellbeing Package is focussed around addressing these and improving quality of life for survivors.โ€

Key Components of the Hope at Home Wellbeing Package:

Financial Stability: A lifeline a weekly payment on a prepaid card, plus an additional amount per week for travel, directly addressing immediate financial challenges faced by survivors.

Physical and Mental Wellness: Prioritising fitness, survivors will have access to monthly gym memberships, promoting routine, exercise and essential mental health benefits.

Therapeutic Support: Collaborating with Trauma Treatment International, survivors can access a crucial one-off therapy sessions and, if suitable, benefit from an individualised treatment plan with up to 12 sessions facilitated by a qualified psychologist.

Empowering Survivors, Rebuilding Lives:

The Wellbeing Package addresses survivors’ immediate financial struggles, promotes physical and mental health and helps facilitate a path to future independence.

With over 40% of survivors grappling with CPTSD, a far greater percentage than found in the general population, the initiative aims to bridge gaps in mental health support.

Urgent Call to Action: Become a Host

Hope at Home is calling upon the local community to register their interest and learn more about what it’s like to host a survivor of modern slavery. Potential hosts need only to have a spare room and an interest in helping others.

“We invite individuals and families in our community to consider hosting,” added Hodgson. “Hosting a survivor of modern slavery is a unique opportunity to contribute to a world where everyone can live free from exploitation, and together, we can create a lasting impact. We provide our full support to our hosts at every stage of their journey.”

Hope at Home welcomes enquiries from potential hosts and encourages those interested to reach out and discover the benefits of hosting survivors of modern slavery. To learn more, register interest, or arrange a chat with a representative from Hope at Home, or please contact