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Unlocking Freedom, One Night at a Time

Hope at Home, a leading non-profit organisation committed to providing safe and supportive accommodation for survivors of modern slavery, is proud to announce a significant milestone—9,000 nights of safe sleep provided to survivors through dedicated volunteer host placements.

Hope at Home, via its network of volunteer hosts, provides safe, welcoming homes for survivors of modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation who face homelessness. Each night of safety offers an individual the opportunity to heal from trauma and rebuild their life, boosting resilience and supporting independence among survivors of modern slavery.

To put this remarkable achievement into perspective, 9,000 nights equate to approximately 24 years of continuous safe sleep. This milestone is truly a testament to the collective impact of individuals coming together to make a real difference.

“We are immensely proud to have reached this milestone. It demonstrates the tangible impact of our community’s dedication to providing a safe place for survivors of modern slavery,” said Helen Hodgson, Operations Director at Hope at Home. “However, our work is far from over. With the increasing challenges survivors face, we urge compassionate individuals to join us in this mission by becoming volunteer hosts.”

Join Hope at Home in the Journey

Hope at Home invites individuals and families passionate about making a difference to consider becoming volunteer hosts. Hope at Home hosts are ordinary people and, by opening your spare room to a survivor, for an agreed time period and with full support and training in place, you’re giving a survivor of slavery the chance to rebuild their life.

Becoming a host is more than providing shelter; it’s about extending a hand of friendship, understanding and support. Your commitment can offer hope to someone seeking to overcome the trauma of modern slavery.

Survivor Chloe* escaped sexual exploitation and was facing homelessness before being placed with Hope at Home’s volunteer hosts. She’s since gone to university, is studying for a degree in Law & Criminology, has a part-time job and comes home to her hosts during the holidays. Hosting can truly transform lives.


How to Get Involved:

  1. Visit Online: Learn more about becoming a host and the positive impact you can make at
  2. Contact Us: Reach out to our team on for more information or to express your interest in becoming a host.
  3. Follow Us: Stay updated on our journey and connect with us [@hopeathome].


Hope at Home expresses gratitude to all its hosts, supporters, and partners who have played a pivotal role in reaching this milestone. Together, we can continue to provide safe spaces and empower survivors on their path to freedom.