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The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is celebrating the successes of women, especially those who have achieved despite obstacles.

So, today, we’re celebrating Esther!

Esther, a previous Hope at Home guest, has written blog for us and we’re honoured to be able to share it with you today.

Read on, and be inspired…..

“I left my country in 2017, it was a difficult journey to this country.

After arriving in the UK and my dispersal to South Yorkshire, it was a very painful time of my life. I sought asylum and was supported by various organisations. I gradually settled down and felt better.

During the waiting time for my asylum case to be processed, I found myself without any financial or direct family support to take my life forward.  However, I went to college and re-educated myself.  I gradually joined a local choir and different churches and found a lot of friends. I also used my time to assist other asylum seekers through local charities.

Granting refugee status was a very necessary step to enable me to continue studying at university and become an independent member of society.

In January 2020 I was evicted from the Home Office sponsored house and eventually placed in a homeless project run by the council while I applied for a local authority tenancy.

This hostel increasingly did not feel a safe place for me as there were several men regularly loitering outside and often shouting out for residents of the project.  Hearing violent and unsavoury exchanges within the hostel affected my mental health badly. I was very scared to live there and I decided to seek alternative accommodation.

I moved in with Hope at Home hosts in March 2020.

During the process of my university course enrollment, the host family has supported me in any way they could. They have been very respectful and helpful towards me and I consider them as my family members. They always have supported me and accepted my uniqueness. I am very grateful for their support. 

I am now studying law at University and working full time supporting other people.”


Thank you Esther for sharing your story with us!