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Today’s blog is written by one of our fabulous hosts!  They had never hosted before but had such a great experience and decided to write about it!  Keep reading to be inspired…

We have just hosted our first guest with Hope at Home. I think we were almost as nervous as she was on her first day with us – would she be difficult, challenging, withdrawn, over-bearing, a risk to the children? I soon realised that she was also nervous – scared, powerless, re-living the trauma of being moved to an unknown destination with distrust of new people.

We talked about ourselves and what we like doing, discussed the house rules and security for us and for her, and she met each of us.

The first thing we felt was surprise at how sociable, educated and able she was. She was able to fit right in with our family and conversations, interests, activities and sharing household chores. On the surface she appeared very normal and has so much to give, but occasionally her fears and experiences come through to affect daily things we consider normal – walking in a quiet path, being alone without an activity to do, seeing a dog, getting an official letter and sleeping at night.

It was lovely to be able to offer our home and friendship to our guest, but the amazing extra thing with Hope at Home is that we were also able to share our trust in God and link with church. We knew there were people in our church praying for us and our guest and I also had the opportunity to share that even in chaos there is hope and a loving God.

I know that our guest will not only remember the experience of a family that cares for her as an individual, but also a glimpse of people who hope in God and knowledge that people are still praying for her. That is something that is experienced and an additional gift that Hope at Home offers over just a place to stay.

Our guest hasn’t gone on to a resolved situation where she can be free and start to live. She might be free from her traffickers but she is still a victim of the UK asylum system and the trauma, fears and uncertainty that brings. But we continue to pray for God’s grace in her life and for these systems to show humanity.

I want her to be totally free humanly but know that may not be the case, and it is greater to be free in Christ.

May she know God’s deep love so that although she is hard pressed on every side, she may not be crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.  (2 Corinthians 4:8-10)

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