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Everyone has a reason for what they do.

We might be motivated by having enough to pay the bills and feed the kids, wanting to express our creativity or by seeing how we can make a difference.

For us, we are motivated by our belief that God can and does change people’s lives.  Our faith is what propels us forwards and there are certain passages in the Bible that speak to us of this change.

This one, from Isaiah 61, has become a promise for our Hope at Home guests.

Imagine growing an oak in your own kitchen.

It could take a very long time.

It might be messy.

Sometimes it will take over the kitchen.

There will be different seasons and some of them will look like there is absolutely no growth at all while others are blooming.

You might trip over acorns that drop all over the floor.


But when an oak is fully grown, it is a glorious and majestic tree.  Birds and other animals make their homes in it’s vast branches.  While it continues to grow, it nourishes other creatures.

One of our previous guests, M,  has become an oak that nourishes others.  It’s been a joy to watch her grow and over the weekend she met a current guest, R.

She showed such kindness as she listened to R’s worries.  Once a scared and anxious woman who could not connect emotionally with others, she empathised and encouraged R and allowed her to nestle in the safety of her branches.  Previously she was unable to even go into a coffee shop without shaking, yet she invited R out for a coffee with her.

Sometimes we wept over the harsh winters with M’s lack of growth and wondered if her life would ever be any different.

But there she was, back in the kitchen, smiling and encouraging the growth of another emerging oak.

It was a precious sight and is the reason we exist.

We stood back and smiled as we watched this beautiful oak displaying the goodness, splendour and hope of it’s Creator.

Can you grow an oak in your kitchen?

Give. Pray. Host.

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