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No-one goes without in the UK, right?

If you’re not in employment, for whatever reason, our system means that you are entitled to a home and money to pay the bills. 


What if that wasn’t the case for everyone?

What if, after being tricked into the country by the offer of a job so you can pay for your child’s education back home, you find yourself working long hours, living in foul and cramped conditions and not even being paid?

What if you manage to escape from that horrendous situation, but then find yourself homeless, unable to claim any benefits at all or even work?

What if you find telling your story so traumatic that you can’t produce enough evidence to prove you’ve been a victim and so nobody believes you?

What if you are left, for years upon years, in limbo with no decision on whether you can stay in the country or not, meaning that for all that time you can’t legally earn any money or claim any benefits?

What if you can’t go home because you escaped and your trafficker is looking for you?

What if you’re really ill due to the physical traumas you endured but you’re too scared to go to the GP in case you are deported?

What if you suffer flashbacks and panic attacks?

What if you are sleeping on the streets with no access to any money at all and someone comes along and offers you work, food and a roof over your head?

What if that’s the only choice you’re ever offered?

Would you say yes?

Thousands do.

And so begins the cycle of human trafficking once again.

And this is why we train hosts to welcome people into their homes.

A safe, comfortable bed.

Hot meals.

A shower.

People who love you and won’t expect you to work for your keep.

What if this is all it takes to prevent someone being re-trafficked?


What if this is all it takes for someone to slowly rebuild their lives?


What if you’ve got what it takes?


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