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We make choices all the time without realising it.

Tea or coffee? Take an umbrella or risk the weather? Meet a friend or stay home?

For survivors of modern slavery, every single choice has been removed. Passport removed, money removed, living in squalid conditions and surrounded by fear, they begin to lose themselves.  Oppression is found in the removal of all choice.
We work very hard to ensure the power of making choices is returned to our guests.  This is where freedom begins.  
And translation is a huge part of this. Having our documents translated into a language our guests can easily understand gives them the ability to make an informed choice about their futures.
Giving towards this translation will mean you can be part of a survivor’s freedom.  You can return choice to those for whom decision making has become an impossibility.
And, by this very practical step, we can see the oppressed set free.


To become a Freedom Fighter and give regular monthly donations or to make a one off donation, please click here.

Make your gift fight for freedom.