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Hope at Home, a leading charity dedicated to combating modern slavery and preventing homelessness, is proud to announce a significant milestone in their mission. Through their volunteer hosting scheme, hosts have provided over 8,000 safe nights sleep for survivors of modern slavery in communities nationwide.

Since its inception, Hope at Home has been committed to creating a supportive and secure foundation for survivors of modern slavery, helping them to rebuild their lives and break free from the cycle of exploitation.

The charity’s hosting scheme matches survivors with compassionate volunteer hosts who provide a spare room and a welcoming space, offering a fresh start and a path towards independence.

“Reaching this milestone of over 8,000 safe night’s sleep is a testament to the dedication and compassion of our volunteer hosts and the transformative impact of our hosting scheme,” said Helen Hodgson, Operations Director at Hope at Home. “We are immensely grateful to every individual who has opened their home and heart to a survivor of modern slavery, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment to heal and thrive.”

Chloe*, a 22-year-old survivor of sexual exploitation, faced homelessness before moving in with Hope at Home hosts. The foundation of a safe environment allowed her to study at college before achieving a scholarship to study Law & Criminology at university.

Each safe night sleep provided by a host contributes to the larger goal of empowering survivors and preventing homelessness. Hope at Home believes that by offering stability, support, and a sense of belonging, survivors can reintegrate into society.

In light of this achievement, Hope at Home is calling upon the local community to register their interest and learn more about what it’s like to host a survivor of modern slavery. By becoming a host, individuals have the opportunity to make a profound difference in someone’s life while forging meaningful connections and fostering community cohesion.

“We invite individuals and families in our community to consider hosting,” added Hodgson. “Hosting a survivor of modern slavery is a unique opportunity to contribute to a world where everyone can live free from exploitation, and together, we can create a lasting impact. We provide our full support to our hosts at every stage of their journey.”

Hope at Home welcomes enquiries from potential hosts and encourages those interested to reach out and discover the transformative power of hosting survivors of modern slavery. To learn more, register interest, or arrange a chat with a representative from Hope at Home, please book a call with our friendly team to chat about hosting.