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10 Rooms
for 10 Lives

Welcome to Hope at Home’s “10 Rooms for 10 Lives” campaign. Our mission is to provide survivors of modern slavery with a safe home and a fresh start via our network of incredible volunteer hosts. With each sponsored room, we’re igniting hope, empowerment and a path to healing.

Why This Campaign Matters:

Survivors of modern slavery escaping exploitation have often suffered unimaginable hardship and trauma. We believe that every survivor deserves the foundation of a safe home so they can begin to rebuild their lives. Through the “10 Rooms for 10 Lives” campaign, we’re addressing this critical need. Your support not only offers survivors a secure space but also provides them with the opportunity to heal, recover and regain their independence.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Sponsoring a room is more than just providing physical space; it’s about creating an environment of safety, dignity and hope. As many survivors of modern slavery face street homelessness (and the real risk of being re-trafficked), each sponsored room is a true lifeline for survivors, offering them the chance to regain empowerment. Your support helps survivors transition from exploitation to a life filled with possibilities.

Campaign Highlights:

– Survivor Stories: Throughout the campaign, we’ll share inspiring survivor stories that showcase the impact of a safe home. Each story demonstrates the transformative power of a sponsored room.

– Engaging Visuals: Our visuals, including dynamic graphics and videos, will illustrate the journey from empty rooms to vibrant spaces filled with hope.

– Host Testimonials: Hear from our hosts who have opened their hearts and homes to survivors. Their experiences highlight the profound difference that a supportive environment can make.

– Countdown to Impact: Follow our progress through an interactive counter that updates in real-time as rooms are sponsored, bringing us closer to our goal.

Get Involved:

Join the “10 Rooms for 10 Lives” campaign and be a part of rewriting stories of survival and strength. Whether you choose to become a Room Sponsor, spread the word on social media, or share in our journey, your contribution is invaluable.

Together, we can create a world where survivors find sanctuary, strength, and support. Join us in igniting hope and making a lasting change. Discover the power of sponsoring a room today.

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